Pomona Impact makes investments in Small Growing Businesses in Central America as well as Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. In particular, we target firms that improve the lives of people living in the bottom of the economic pyramid and/or benefit the environment. We seek to add value to our portfolio companies through strategic advisory, financial structuring, and introductions to potential partners. We celebrate opportunities to work together with entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses on bringing meaningful impact to the region.

Pomona Impact also actively seeks to build the entrepreneurial ecosystems in its target region through the development of co-working spaces and skill-building programming. We have launched two co-working spaces in Guatemala and intend to develop additional co-working projects in Central America.

In addition to our strong regional presence, we are an active advocate for the growth of impact investing worldwide. We are a member of the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and provide strategic consulting for institutional and individual impact investors in various regions.


The founding partners of Pomona Impact have lived a long time in the region and have worked with or established businesses there, some that have been in operation more than forty years. As a group, we have a large network of contacts across all economic and social sectors. We are familiar and comfortable working with the significant political, security, and economic risks that are present or may arise.

Small businesses in the region have very limited options to obtain financing. Banks are focused on larger businesses and if they agree to finance a small business, the loan is typically expensive and highly collateralized. There are few angel groups and equity investors investing in small businesses, particularly those with a strong social mission. Informal lending sources are prevalent and often take advantage of small businesses seeking capital.

Countries within our geographic focus have many poverty-stricken communities. Investing in commercially-sustainable companies with sincere intent and exceptional ability to affect long-term positive change is a great way to support sustainable development.


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