In the Acceleration program of Pomona Impact we learned a lot in subjects like entrepreneurship, business models and how to channel our personal motivation to inspire other people. For Evolo, it was an opportunity to redesign the strategy of the business model.


I am thankful for the opportunity of having been able to learn from creative people from across Central America and it was very interesting being able to know the experiences from the other entrepreneurs that are seeking to improve the management of resources in agriculture.


I believe that the collaboration space for entrepreneurs with social and environmental roots like the one created by Pomona Impact is a model that should be replicated to promote a sustainable economic development.

Inti Luna

The Pomona AgTech Accelerator was a very intense process  that helped me to take into consideration aspects that I did not know about for starting a new business. Aditionally, we had Access to top quality mentors that guided us  in the process of mapping our clients and adequating our value proposition in order to make it attractive for our market.


During the process of the AgTech Accelerator, we got from the phase of having a functional prototype to a formal company. Since leaving the Acceleration program, we have acquired three multinational companies as our clients.

Luis Madriles
AgDrone (Tecno Drone)

The Pomona Acceleration Program is focused on start-ups that have a functioning prototype and is ready to go to market. We welcome to this program companies that are already selling and also companies that are in a pre-sale phase. The Acceleration program launches application processes throughout the year. Each Acceleration program is run with a specific problem statement, because it is an essential part of the process to gather a cohort that works in a similar sector and a specific área, due to the fact that interaction withing the entrepreneurs is an important part of the value obtained during the program.


The Accelerator is run using Village Capital curriculum, an ally of Pomona Impact that manages accelerators globally and also manages an impact investment fund. By using their software, curriculum and peer-selection methodology, Pomona is able to offer its participants a proven and innovative program.

The main focus of the Accelerator is moving companies forward in their path to be investment-ready. The curriculum includes topics such as team selection, client appraisal, value proposition and tools available for investing in the region. We work alongside experienced mentors from the sector and finalize the program with an event in which the entrepreneurs present their companies to potential investors interested in the sector.


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