Why Ag Tech?


29% of the region’s workforce is focused on agriculture, many of them living in poverty. Boosting productivity and profitability will create more opportunities and improve wages.

Central America is well positioned to innovate in the AgTech space. It has strong Agicultural history, capable technical institutions producing skilled engineers, and surging interest in entrepreneurship. Combining these ingredients with the right community-building framework will produce very exciting outcomes!




  • Support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Central American region.
  • Find and invest in the best entrepreneurs focused on agriculture.
  • Work to scale technologies that will help the big and small farmholders.
  • Strengthen the AgTech ecosystem in the region, which has been neglected by other programs.

“For us, participating in the first edition of the Pomona AgTech Accelerator was a unique experience. It is a program that shows its valuefrom the very beggining  with the selection of the participants. We managed to achieve a very special synergy between mentors, investors and entrepreneurs; everyone interested in generating a social and environmental well being with our ventures.

In each workshop we obtained feedback and consulting at the highest level from the facilitators and mentors, managing to catalyze an imminent growth in our venture at the short term. We received good guidance and mentorship to improve market validations of our technology and feedback from the other participating ventures to be able to create a successful business model with an expansion strategy towards Central America.

We had the opportunity to present our project to investors and see the potential that we have, as a company and as professionals. I can say that this Accelerator is of the utmost importance to be able to grow towards more sustainable agriculture in the region, in which we unite strengths to make our countries move forward and be able to replenish our environment."


Karla Bolaños Lapinski
General Manager

Ecological Solutions S.A. de C.V.
El Salvador