AgTech CSA 2017 Accelerator


Overbrook Foundation partnered with Pomona Impact with the objective of organizing an Accelerator for entrepreneurs and NGOs working in Climate Smart Agriculture in Guatemala.



Through workshops, conferences, and dynamic activities, participants worked on their business models and developed a plan for how to approach investors. In the course of the program, the entrepreneurs were able to achieve a better understanding of the current state of their business while outlining their objectives and designing a plan to achieve them.
After participating in the AgTech Accelerator program, the entrepreneurs understood in a more adequate way what risk investment implies and what happens behind the curtains while investors evaluate an investment opportunity.  
The program focused not only on providing participants with the skills to be able to prepare a pitch and a document for their pitch day; it also ensured that the entrepreneurs understood the reasons why an investor is going to choose an entrepreneur, what factors the investor will evaluate, and what to expect from the investment process itself.
The event took place in Impact HUB Antigua during the following dates:
1)      Workshop 1: September 21 to 23
2)      Workshop 2: October 10 to 12
3)      Workshop 3: November 5 to 7
We received over 25 applications for the Program and created a selection committee, comprised by members of Overbrook Foundation, Pomona Impact and the Pomona Impact AgTech Advisory Board to identify the top candidates. The cohort was selected based on the size of the organization, position of the person who would be participating, area of focus and the motive for being part of the program. Here you can see the participants from the cohort:








Our program received a very positive rating from participants. The content and activities were evaluated and received a 90% satisfaction rate. We also have a Net Promoter Score of 9. The participants stated that they would recommend us to other entrepreneurs, and were very satisfied with the overall organization of the program.
Representatives from important institutions in the local ecosystem of agriculture, investment, agriculture technology attended our Venture Day. With the program and activities we present on Venture Day, we are helping to make known entrepreneurial initiatives in the agriculture technology field throughout the Central American region.
In our third Accelerator program, we have implemented several changes and improvements that have allowed us to offer a more solid and integrated program. We are working to create a vaster and stronger mentor network in order to be able to support the entrepreneurs in a more integral way. We are also working on developing a more cohesive strategy to connect to the wider AgTech community, with the goal of more alliances and benefits for all.
Here we can observe some pictures from the event: