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Pomona Impact is mainly an investment fund, we are convinced that through the strategic investments we do, offering capital to the missing middle, we are generating good quality jobs in the Central American region, and supporting companies to keep growing and attract more investment.

We are more than a fund, as our founder and CEO Richard Ambrose likes to say, we are active investors. We are conscious that, in a region like ours, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is not yet mature enough to attract venture capital. That is why, we are doing our role to support entrepreneurs since a very early stage, and we help them to take the adequate steps to refine their business model, grow their companies and reach a point closer to investment-readiness.

For the impact to be greater, besides working with entrepreneurs in early stage, we also have to ally with institutions that share our values and are working for the same objectives. Based on the previous ideas, we forged an alliances with Enactus Guatemala and Pantaleon Corporation.

We forged a strategic alliance with Enactus Guatemala and Pantaleon Corporation. Through this alliance we want to foment entrepreneurship in the Central American region, and simultaneously, focus on a specific problem. We believe that this alliance between corporations and organizations that support entrepreneurs, can be a very interesting and powerful tool to find new solutions to the problems that affect our everyday lives.

The objective of this alliance was to develop a Bootcamp for entrepreneurs working on a venture to make a more efficient usage of water, either in agricultural or residential use. Pomona defines a Bootcamp as an intensive program, less than 1-month duration, in which we work alongside with entrepreneurs whose ventures are in a very early stage, in some ocassions we will also work with ideas.During this intensive program, alongside mentors and facilitators, we work on their business model so it can have a better designed structure.

In these classes, we review different subject, supported from mentors with different expertise. The subjects reviewd are: customer definition, value proposition, marker size, team building, pitching methodology and the basics of impact investing. In addition to learning new subjects, the entrepreneurs are able to grow their contact network, and they also have the opportunity to receive feedback from their fellow entrepreneurs regarding their business model. We use the curriculum designed by Village Cepital, and their peer selection methodology to select the winner. 

The event took place started on April 22nd and ended May 13th of 2017. We worked with 12 ventures, represented by entrepreneurs with a very promising future.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2017