Pomona Impact is mainly an investment fund, but we are moved by something more, being able to use entrepreneurship as a tool for development. We are aware that we are operating in a market in which not every Company is yet ready to receive investment, but we kow that if we support them, they will be ready and we will be able to promote significant and sustainable postive changes in society and the environment.

As an investment fund, we are focused in finding enterprises that are not only profitable, but who are also generating sustainable positive change.

Throughout the years, we have been approached by entrepreneurs with amazing small companies, projects and ideas that are alligned to our values. In order to support them, we have developed different initiatives, so we are able to be present in the different staged of their venture.

We are very interested and we are working to catalyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central America. We believe that an entrepreneur can change the world, and Pomona Impact is there to help her out. As part of our efforts, we developed the Impact HUB Antigua, which is part of a network of co-working spaces worldwide.

If you are an entrepreneur and have an innovative idea, we invite you to analyze the phase you are currently in and explore the opportunity to work along Pomona Impact!

What stage are you in?


I have at least two years in the market, I have proven interest from clientes and have a current expansión plan.


I have a functioning prototype, I am already selling or close to be doing so. I need help to get my Company investment ready.


I have an ideas, a team and working on a prototype. I need help to develop my business model.