In 2016 I participated in the “Enactus-Pomona Bootcamp”. During the process, I had specialized mentorship to work on my projections and the valuation of my business; I learned how to structure the financial and social impact through specific metrics and I received the consulting required to present my proposal to Kiva.


More than a workshop or seed funding, the event has opened doors and has connected me to people that add value to my business, I am thankful for the interest and commitment brought fort by Pomona Impact.


As Grønn, our experience with Pomona and Kiva has been extremely gratyfing.  As a small Company, it is very difficult to be able to access financing that would allow us to grow, specially for companies like ours that are striving to have a social impact. Is in this step, where Pomona and Kiva have given us their support,  allowing us to obtain capital to be able to grow.  Definitely, these opportunities generate social, environmemtal and economic benefits for Guatemala.


The Pomona Impact incubation program is designed to support companies that are currently at an early stage. The companies can iven be in the idea phase or working in the development of a prototype. We are looking for entrepreneurs that are developing a new technology, adapting a technology that hasn’t been used in the region o working in a startup that will generate positive social or environmental impact.


The incubation program Works in two ways, if your idea is aligned with the theme topic for the Bootcamp, we invite you to sign up. En these Bootcamps you will have the opportunity to develop your idea alongside entrepreneurs and mentors that are working in a similar sector. It is the ideal environment to increase the reach an impact of your startup.


Depending on the program, the winner may receive grant funding. Nevertheless, the winner will always become part of the Pomona Incubator. In the Incubator, we will offer mentorship and our online platform, we will work together to reach the neccesary milestones in order to be ready for our Accelerator Program.


We also offer the possibility of initial financing at very favorable conditions by using crowdfunding. We are a Kiva ally for SBG’s in Central America. If you startup complies with the conditions of a social Enterprise, we invite you to explore our Kiva program as an alternative for financing.


Explore the next event to see if it alligns with your startup or contact us directly in the Contact Section!

Past Events - Incubation


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