Over the last five years we made 20 investments in 19 companies, yielding a strong mix of financial and impact returns.  We are launching Pomona Impact Fund II, LP (“PIF”) to increase the capital that we can put to work in support of scalable SGBs poised to create high social and/or environmental impact.

We Actively Help Our Portfolio Companies Grow

Kiej de los Bosques (Wakami): Guatemala-based, woman-owned company that specializes in fashionable, handcrafted accessories. It links rural communities to domestic and international markets as a way to generate prosperity in remote communities of Guatemala.

Pomona Value-Add: In 2011, we were Wakami’s first investor, providing a $100,000 working capital loan along with ongoing business strategy consulting, frequently interacting with their donors and board members.  Since our investment, Wakami has been awarded a $2,000,000 grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and expanded their production reach to 17 villages in Guatemala and 450 people (90% women).  In May 2015, we made a follow-on mezzanine debt investment of $150,000 to grow production capacity and connected Wakami with free consulting from Deloitte on their distribution strategy.

Yellow Pallet:  Costa Rica Yellow Pallet is a high-impact social enterprise that has created a technology to convert the stems of banana plants (that are traditionally regarded as agri-waste) into “green pallets” at 70% of the cost of traditional hard-wood pallets.  In addition to the environmental impact, they will also have plans to begin buying stems from smallholder farmers to help them generate a new income stream.

Pomona Value-Add:  We invested in Yellow Pallet in 2016 and worked with the team to come up with impact metrics to help them think about how to measure and eventually improve upon their impact.  We also made introductions to large banana growers in Honduras and Guatemala in effort to help them grow at a regional level.  Lastly, we are working to connect them with additional investors to come in for the project “ramp up” phase where they will need $5mm in order to build out their full production facility.

Competitive Advantage

Strong local presence and experience, with headquarters and entire investment team based in Central America.

Deep network of local, regional, and international partners supporting deal flow, co-investing in and providing technical assistance to portfolio companies, and more.

Ability to find deals and house portfolio companies in our co-working spaces and those of affiliates.

Majority of investments with structured exits and downside protection, and all investments denominated in USD.

Four year track record of success, with 20 companies completed since 2011 ($1.5mm invested to date)

Initial Contact investment

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