Investment Strategy

Pomona Impact is keen to invest in for-profit impact companies that fit the following profile:

Geographic Focus: We focus our efforts on investing in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Passionate, Committed Founders: We place a lot of consideration on the management team.   Do they have the skills and experience -- or have ready access to these resources -- to achieve their goals.  But mostly, integrity and passion.

Meaningful Impact: We seek opportunities that generate an unusual level of impact, beyond job generation or standard charity.  Looking for ventures that are really out there in terms of social impact.

Sustainable: Commercially viable and with excellent prospects for sustainable growth.

Sectors: Our investment strategy focuses on agriculture, agriculture technology and basic services; in the basic services category we focus on: health, education, water and renewable energy. 

Investment Stage: We prefer to make growth capital investments but will also consider start-up funding and working capital financing.

Pomona Impact seeks to make investments that conform to the following:​

Preference toward mezzanine / subordinated debt that has scheduled payments of principal and interest along with an income-sharing component that allows us to share in the upside if the company does well.

Will consider equity investments, especially alongside an experienced impact funding organization. Investment size ideally between $100,000 to $250,000.  

We are currently raising a fund which will allow us to invest up to $1,000,000

Investment durations of between 3 to 7 years are ideal, although short-term working capital loans will be considered in special circumstances.

Pomona Impact is aware that typical exit scenarios are often improbable for ventures in this field.  Thus, it will strive to be flexible, resourceful, and creative in seeking a 'structure' that permits investment in firms that are positively impacting the poor.

  • Access to energy 
  • Housing 
  • Safe drinking water
  • Education and health 

Subsector opportunities include Ag Tech, Value Chain Extension, and Ag Logistics (i.e. refrigeration, streamlined exports).

Galeria Investment Strategy

Pomona was the first impact investor for Wakami besides our family and friends! The fact that Pomona believed and invested in Wakami, opened the door for more investors.

Working with Pomona has been very important for Wakami. Being able to count on their support has brought Wakami towards our current track of being a company that is becoming a global brand. There is still a long way to go, but the path has been created.

Thank you Pomona Impact!

María Pacheco

Pomona Impact has been a wonderful partner for Uncommon Cacao. When we expanded operations from Belize into Guatemala, Pomona was helpful in connecting us to the local landscape and opening up new opportunities. Rich and his team are the clear leaders in the space in Central America and Uncommon Cacao is honored to be a part of their diverse and exciting portfolio of change-making businesses in the region!

Emily Stone
Uncommon Cacao