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Pomona Impact is proud to have partnered with Village Capital (and AutoDesk Foundation) and serve on the Advisory Board of the first HealthTech accelerator in Mexico. We had partnered with Village Capital the prior two year with their Mexico Fintech Accelerator programs and were impressed with the caliber of participants and fast-growing FinTech community they had developed. However when we received the invitation to partner with them to help launch the first HealthTech Accelerator program in Mexico (and possibly all of Latam), we jumped at the opportunity to play a contributing role in catalyzing the development and growth of innovation in such an impactful sector.


The healthcare challenges in Mexico are vast thus the goal was to identify health entrepreneurs that:

  • Leverage affordable technology, devices, and services to detect, diagnose, and treat individuals' unique health conditions, especially for those in remote and low-income communities;
  • Educate and inform Mexicans on how to prevent, detect, and address health conditions early, and help health professionals to better communicate with their patients;
  • Collect data and facilitate communication and collaboration between actors in the health system to enable greater efficiency and better health outcomes for patients;
  • Address financial access to health through savings, credit, and insurance products that decrease excessive out-of- pocket expenditures.

At the Venture Day, we had the opportunity to watch all the entrepreneurs pitch their businesses. All of them were tackling pressing problems and did a terrific job. However the two winners of the program as voted by their peers were:

  • Huli: provides cloud-based software that seamlessly connects patients, doctors and hospitals in both the private and public. This allows patients find doctors well suited to address their health problem and helps doctors reduce no-shows and better serve the patients.
  • Metix: is a medical technology company focused on providing clinicians with high-tech devices to improve flow of information and ultimately better outcomes for patients.


We are pleased to be investing $25,000 in both of them along side Village Capital and are excited by their long term prospects.


There is so much learn about the HealthTech field. We’ll be following up this posting with some additional strong readings on the subject for those interested.

Fecha Blog: 
Monday, February 20, 2017