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Pomona recognizes the pivotal role of gender inclusion in driving economic and social development in the region. We firmly believe that fostering female leadership is not only crucial for individual companies but also essential for achieving broader success in the business landscape. At Fund II, we are fully committed to promoting gender inclusion and integrating a “Gender Lens” into our investment strategy. This means that we proactively seek out investment opportunities in companies with strong female leadership. By embracing the 2x challenge criteria, we ensure that our investments align with gender principles, creating a positive impact and advancing gender equality.

Through our deliberate focus on gender inclusion, we strive to harness the diverse perspectives and insights that female leaders and/or female focus brings to the table.

By incorporating a Gender Lens into our investment decisions, we aim to make a meaningful and lasting difference, not only for the companies we support but also for the advancement of gender equality in the communities we serve.

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