Investment strategy

Pomona Impact Fund II, LP: Pomona Impact is investing into for-profit impact companies that fit the following profile:

Geographic Focus: Focus on Central America with room for companies from Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Investment Stage: Growth stage for-profit businesses that have shown significant traction and that require investments of over US$500,000.

Mezzanine Focus: Mezzanine debt/ RBF (75%) and small portion of equity (25%) investments. Reflect the region’s needs and the dynamics of the capital market. Investment horizon of 5 - 7 years.

Sector Focus: Diversification between agriculture (technology and processing) and basic services (education, health, renewable energy and water).

Meaningful Impact: We seek investment opportunities that generate an unusual level of impact, for both planet and people.

Passionate Founders: We place a lot of consideration on the management team and their skills and experience, integrity and passion. We are looking for teams with demonstrated grid, learning agility. Further, complementary skill sets and a deep understanding of relevant business sectors.

Pomona Impact Pilot Fund: Over the last six years we made 23 investments in 22 companies, yielding a strong mix of financial and impact returns.  In this time, we actively helped our portfolio companies grow. Two case studies of current portfolio companies:

Kiej de los Bosques (Wakami): Guatemala-based, woman-owned company that specializes in fashionable, handcrafted accessories. It links rural communities to domestic and international markets as a way to generate prosperity in remote communities of Guatemala. Pomona was Wakami’s first investor, providing a $100,000 working capital loan along with ongoing business strategy consulting, frequently interacting with their donors and board members.  Since our investment, Wakami expanded their production reach to more than 17 villages in Guatemala and more than 500 people (90% women).  In May 2015, we made a follow-on mezzanine debt investment of $150,000 to grow production capacity and refine their distribution strategy.

Yellow Pallet:  Costa Rica-based high-impact social enterprise that has created a technology to convert the stems of banana plants (that are traditionally regarded as agri-waste) into “green pallets” at 70% of the cost of traditional hard-wood pallets. Pomona invested in Yellow Pallet in 2016 and worked with the team to measure and eventually improve their impact. Pomona also made introductions to large banana growers in Honduras and Guatemala and investors in effort to help them grow at a regional level.

Galeria Investment Strategy

Pomona was the first impact investor for Wakami besides our family and friends! The fact that Pomona believed and invested in Wakami, opened the door for more investors.

Working with Pomona has been very important for Wakami. Being able to count on their support has brought Wakami towards our current track of being a company that is becoming a global brand. There is still a long way to go, but the path has been created.

Thank you Pomona Impact!

María Pacheco

Pomona Impact has been a wonderful partner for Uncommon Cacao. When we expanded operations from Belize into Guatemala, Pomona was helpful in connecting us to the local landscape and opening up new opportunities. Rich and his team are the clear leaders in the space in Central America and Uncommon Cacao is honored to be a part of their diverse and exciting portfolio of change-making businesses in the region!

Emily Stone
Uncommon Cacao