Pomona Impact Foundation was founded in 2016 to identify and engage with leading regional entrepreneurs to help them refine their business models and provide investment readiness training.

We have developed and managed multiple accelerator and incubation programs in the region, as well as entrepreneurial workshops and bootcamps. bootcamp.

The Pomona AgTech accelerator program is among the most prominent in the region and has served over 100 entrepreneurs since 2017 helping its graduates receive over US$5MM.

Pomona has successfully executed accelerators with the most prominent players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including ARGUIDIUS, USAID, ANDE, CRS, PROCOMER, CRUSA, CINDE to name a few.

Pomona has also supported the implementation of the 3 editions of Greentech, in its two components: incubation and investment. In the incubation stage, the selected companies receive technical assistance from mentors and specialized advisors, as well as support to strengthen their investability with venture capital funds. Subsequently, the financial and legal due diligence process is carried out, as well as the negotiation process, in order to place an investment ticket in case the procedure is favorable.

Pomona Impact Foundation is eager to expand its programming to serve more entrepreneurs throughout the region.

Este programa tiene la meta principal de catalizar la innovación y el emprendimiento en el sector agrícola en Centroamérica, a través de la creación de capacidades, construcción de comunidad y acceso a inversión.


Los objetivos de Pomona AgTech son:

Es una aceleradora para startups costarricenses de tecnologías verdes que tengan alto potencial de exportación o internacionalización. Este programa consiste en 12 semanas intensivas de aceleración con posible acceso a inversión. Pueden participar aquellas startups que: