Investment Strategy

The Fund invests primarily using self-liquidating instruments into early stage growth companies, with follow-on investments into Portfolio Companies that show the highest potential for scalability of profits and impact.

Identify early stage growth businesses with strong prospects for growth and scalable impact, with substantial operations in the Target Region.

Diversify investments across countries: primary focus on Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua; secondary focus on Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize; and opportunistic co-investments with investment partners in Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Primarily focus on investing in companies in Agriprocesing, Basic Goods & Services (Affordable Housing, Energy, Education, Health, and Water) and Digital Economy, while maintaining the ability to invest in exceptionally impactful companies operating in other sectors.

Primarily invest in revenue-generating businesses that have completed successful pilot operations and shown the ability to scale. The Fund may also invest selectively in pre-revenue companies if there is a clear path to profitability and the upside-return profile warrants added risks.

Structure investments with maturities of 4-7 years. Staging of disbursement of funds to be invested on the basis of achievement by the Portfolio Company of agreed upon milestones.

Primarily utilize self-liquidating debt structures that mitigate downside risks, but allow for upside sharing through equity ‘kickers’ and earnings/revenue sharing.

Make USD denominated investments. Implement governance through debt covenants, including financial ratios, cash flow and dividend. Restrictions, reporting and information requirements, and environmental and social compliance.

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